OHCHR Calls for Contributions to Report on Mechanisms for the Safety of Journalists

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In its ground-breaking Human Rights Council (HRC) resolution 33/2 on the safety of journalists and the issue of impunity, the Human Rights Council requested the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

 “to prepare a report with an overview of available mechanisms concerned with ensuring the safety of journalists, including existing international and regional prevention, protection, monitoring and complaint mechanisms, with a view to providing an analysis of their effectiveness, in consultation with States, the mechanisms themselves and all other relevant stakeholders, and to submit it to the Human Rights Council at its thirty-ninth session.”

In this regard, OHCHR calls for information about such international and regional mechanisms, and an assessment of their effectiveness, as well as lessons learned.

IFEX has produced an explainer that provides more information on this type of UN reports. Article 19 has also produced an informative guide that specifically breaks down HRC resolution 33/2 and its most innovative features.

Deadline for submissions is 23 February 2018 and can be made in any of the 6 official UN languages to OHCHR-United Nations Office at Geneva, CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland or via E-mail to registry@ohchr.org.

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