Peace Journalism Handbook Now Online

Peace Journalism Handbook written by Prof. Dr. Sevda Alankuş and published by IPS Communication Foundation Publishing is now online in English on bianet.

The introduction of the English version of the book was written by Susan Dente Ross, a Professor in Washington State University and the author of the book “Peace Journalism: Constructive Media in a Global Community”.

Prof. Ross in the introduction writes...

Prof Ross, who was cited often by Prof. Alankuş in her book has written the introduction of the book and said:

“This Peace Journalism Handbook makes an extremely valuable contribution to the field and to all of us. It can, and should, be read by every one of us. Every citizen everywhere on earth should use this new and encouraging critique of where, why, and how mainstream journalism has lost its way as a wake-up call to individual action and increased responsibility.

“Secondly, this book can, and should, be read by all those who today work as or train journalists.

“Finally, because this handbook goes well beyond rich practical tips and how-to’s, I hope it will evolve from a one-time read into the well-worn companion of every journalist in the field. When a working journalist faces self-doubt or unquestioning certainty about what is newsworthy or how to present the events she sees, this volume offers itself as that reliable friend who will always ask the necessary and pointed question to encourage her to act from her best self”.

In her book, Prof. Alankuş analyzes topics and answers questions such as “What is peace journalism?”, “Peace journalism in Turkey”, “Rights-based peace journalism”, “Editorial values: so-called objectivity, impartiality, stability…”, and “Peace journalism, the need for it and how to do it”.

More about the book – Why Peace Journalism is Needed Today – Handbook on Peace Journalism

Prof Alankuş in an interview she gave to bianet after her book was published pointed out that the concept of “peace” should not be interpreted as the state of truce and no clashes and noted:

“Peace journalism requires a positive order, meaning an order which adds something to life against inequalities and discriminations between classes, genders, ethnics, religions etc. causing […] tensions and clashes”

About the project

The “Peace Journalism Handbook and Online Library” project was conducted with support from the Kingdom of the Netherlands Consulate General’s Human Rights Program for the term 2014-2016. The supervisor for the project was Sevda Alankuş, the coordinator was Begüm Zorlu.

For the lead-up, academic member of İzmir University of Economics Faculty of Communication, Assistant Professor Doctor Altuğ Akın scanned nine newspapers’ issues between September 1 – October 15, 2014 and prepared a report according to the peace journalism criteria with Faculty of Communication students Ayşenur Ölmezses Şentürk, Aslı Sayat, Begüm Yalçınkaya, Emre Ocaklı, Özge Sarı and Özgür Akşakar.

Within the project, three workshops were conducted with journalistseditors2 (March 30, 2015), academics3 (April 18, 2015) and ombudspersons – representatives4 from rights organizations. Associate Professor Doctor İncilay Cangöz was the editor of the Peace Journalism Online Library.

On November 21, 2015 the meeting “Peace Journalism: A New Ethics, Practice and Journalism Education” was organized with the Memory Center. In the meeting, under Murat Çelikkan’s moderation, Prof. Dr. Sevda Alankuş and Dr. Rukhsana Aslam (New Zealand Auckland University of Technology) talked about peace journalism and carried on a discussion with the audience.

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The article was originally published by Bianet, a SEENPM member. 

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