White paper series | Opportunities and risks in emerging technologies

The World Wide Web Foundation has published a series of white papers examining three key digital trends: artificial intelligence, algorithms and control of personal data.

The papers focus on low and middle-income countries, which are all too often overlooked in debates around the impacts of emerging technologies.

The series addresses each of these three digital issues, looking at how they are impacting people’s lives and identifying steps that governments, companies and civil society organisations can take to limit the harms, and maximise benefits, for citizens.

“To achieve our vision of digital equality, we need to understand how new technologies are shaping society; where they present opportunities to make people’s lives better, and indeed where they threaten to create harm.”, the WWW Foundation website states.

Download the white papers

This research was conducted in collaboration with partners, with additional input from Craig Fagan, Policy Director, and Juan Ortiz Freuler, Policy Fellow, at the World Wide Web Foundation. It was funded by a grant from the Ford Foundation.

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