The first prison visit: P24 stands with jailed journalists in Turkey

Attorney-at-law Veysel Ok of P24’s Legal Unit visited five journalists imprisoned over their news reporting.

Cumhuriyet daily’s Editor-in-Chief Can Dündar, Ankara Bureau Chief Erdem Gül, Nokta magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Cevheri Güven, Managing Editor Murat Çapan and journalist Mehmet Baransu are being kept in Istanbul’s Silivri Prison. Dündar and Gül have yet to receive an official indictment, but they will likely be accused of “espionage” over reports published by their newspaper suggesting that the Turkish government supplied weapons to armed groups in Syria. They have been in jail for nearly two weeks. The Nokta journalists have been formally indicted – a very recent development – and are pending trial for “inciting the public to armed revolt against the Turkish government and its president”. Mehmet Baransu, a columnist for Taraf newspaper, has not been formally charged despite being incarcerated for over ten months.

For more about the visit of solidarity by P24’s lawyer and about the letters to the Platform for Independent Journalism (P24) after the visit, follow the link: