Peace Institute (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Peace Institute – Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies (PI) is a non-profit research institution and civil society organisation established in 1991.

It develops interdisciplinary research and combined academic research with advocacy in various fields of public policy.

Its Media Program develops analysis of media policy and practices in Slovenia and facilitates public debates on media freedom and media development in Slovenia and the Western Balkans by introducing comparative regional and international perspective. It gathers dozens media researchers and journalists from Slovenia and the region in critical studies of the media transition. It supports media reforms by contributing to the development of media regulation and self-regulation, and monitoring of their implementation.

Peace Institute was among founding members of the SEENPM, through which it led several regional research and advocacy projects aimed at critical assessment of media and politics, including the regional projects on media ownership (2003/2004) and on media integrity of the media (SEE Media Observatory, 2012-2016, implemented through regional partnership).

Peace Institute has participated in EU media policy studies and has also been part of the initiatives for stronger policy engagement of the European Union in the protection of media freedom and pluralism in the EU member states.