Comparative Study on Investigative Journalism

investigative journalism

The German Institute of European Media Law (EMR) has conducted a study on the status quo of the protection of press and media freedom in Europe, comparing the different legal frameworks with regard to topics relevant for investigative journalism.

The report, published in April 2016 and authored by Dr. Jörg Ukrow and Gianna Iacino, LL.M, describes and analyses media freedom on the European as well as on the national level, focusing in particular on aspects which are relevant for investigative journalism, for example state and trade secrets, surveillance and secret recording.

On the basis of this extensive analysis, the need for improvement is identified and best practices for a better protection of press and media freedom are being provided.

The major share of the data used for the comparative analysis has been obtained from country reports by national experts selected from the EMR media network. They are attached to the study and contain both the description of the relevant legislation and in-depth descriptions of practical cases with regard to the press and journalistic sector.

Download the Comparative Study on Investigative Journalism

Source: European Centre for Press and Media Freedom