Online Guide to Journalism Ethics

The Ethical Journalism Network has published an six-part article serving as a guide to journalism ethics calling it ‘an inspiration for free expression and media literacy’.

Aidan White, founder and CEO of EJN, introduces the article by saying:

In this article we examine how journalism, despite the difficulties it is currently facing, can give added value to work to promote more responsible communications. We conclude that there is a need for fresh thinking on how to prepare a detailed road map for balancing information rights, press freedom and human rights, and particular for a new ethic of information that provides a positive narrative about how media, and ethical journalism in particular, can serve as a public good.

The article examines the dichotomy of other-regarding vs. self-regarding journalism, it explains the ethics of journalism – what they are and where they come from, it delves into the topic of media crisis and the rise of populism, it provides a case study on journalism, hate-speech and terrorism, and concludes with a part titled ‘Towards a Programme for Journalism and Media Literacy’.

The Ethical Journalism Network is a relatively new group which has emerged from within the global community of media professionals and which aims to strengthen journalism and to raise awareness of the need for value-based communications in the public sphere.

Read the online guide to journalism ethics – a six-part article