– A Different View of Serbia

Website is a magazine that deals with social issues of importance to Southern and Eastern Serbia. It is run by Media and Reform Center Niš, a SEENPM member organization.

The publication has a special focus on issues related to freedom of media, public interest in media, strengthening citizens’ media literacy, sustainable development, as well as the issues regarding decentralization and affirmation of the region of Serbia.

In the form of a weekly magazine, through analytical texts of experts and the views of relevant commentators, the social events are presented to the audience in an innovative way. Since it was launched, in the summer of 2016, brings a different view at everyday life and cultural events, thus fighting against the superficiality in journalism.

The idea of decentralization and demetropolization of Serbia distinguishes this website from the majority of others.

A special field of interest is the support to the civil sector, youth policies and strengthening of civic activism and civil society in general.

In its work, the team of advocates for freedom of speech and thoughts; promotion of the rights of minorities; tolerance of different groups in society; promotion of the values of open and democratic society; promotion of values of the European Union in Serbia, including the support in translation of laws and other legal documents of the EU and their compliance with local regulations.

The team of website is open for cooperation with all the organizations that share the same values, including media organizations and associations, professional associations, scientific and educational institutions and the private sector.