Balkanvibe: Autumn / Winter Multimedia Contest for Western Balkans

Between October 7, 2016 and January 31, 2017, submit your Balkan multimedia content to Balkanvibe for the chance to win a prize!


  • Submissions can be made in three categories:
    • Photography (minimum 1920 x 1280 – 3:2)- this includes phones, cameras, and tablets.
    • Video (maximum 90 seconds)
    • Drone- this includes both drone photos and videos
  • Submissions must be made via the Balkanvibe WeTransfer page only!
  • Contestants may submit up to 4 entries during the duration of the contest. If more are submitted, only the first 4 will qualify.
  • Submissions must be from the region of the Western Balkans, which includes Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia.
  • In your WeTransfer submission, please be sure to include the following items:
      • Your name
      • Link to your personal website/page (if applicable)
      • Title of submission
      • Short description of submission
      • Location of the submission


    • Each week, the Balkanvibe Team will shortlist and select as a Finalist:
      • 3 photo submissions
      • 1 video submission
      • 1 drone submission
    • After the close of the competition, we will announce 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Winners for each of the three categories. They will be selected from the pool of Finalists.
    • The Winners will be selected primarily on the basis of a special jury comprised of Balkanvibe Staff, and, to a lesser extent, social media likes and shares. Should your submission be selected as a Winner, you will receive a prize based on your selection.


    • The 1st Place Prize in each category will be 500 Euros.
    • The 2nd Place Prize in each category will be 250 Euros.
    • The 3rd Place Prize in each category will be 100 Euros.

Terms and Conditions:

By participating in and sending your submission to the Autumn/ Winter Multimedia Contest, you agree to and are bound by the Terms and Conditions Policy.

If you have any questions or seek further information, please consult the Balkanvibe website