Dataharvest, The European Investigative Journalism Conference (18-21 May 2017)

Dataharvest/EIJC, The European Investigative Journalism Conference, organised by, is the most relevant networking event for investigative and data journalists in Europe.

Dataharvest/EIJC 2017 will take place on Thursday 18, Friday 19, Saturday 20 and Sunday morning 21 May 2017 in Mechelen.

The conference brings together investigative and data journalists from all over Europe, and renowned coders and hackers.

Conference hashtag is #EIJC17.

dataharvestDataharvest EIJC is a working conference
Every year on the Pre-Dataharvest Hackathon a team of coders prepares one or several datasets for journalists – including the freshly released data on the EU farm subsidies. During the conference the coders assist journalists and teams of journalists in using the data for stories. Journalists can return to their newsrooms with fresh data for new stories.

Dataharvest EIJC is an experimenting conference
Media and journalism are in a time of change. At Dataharvest EIJC we consider this a wonderful opportunity to apply our creativity and try new ways of doing great journalism. Data journalism, cross-border journalism, entrepreneurial journalism, new storytelling methods, new collaborations between scientists and journalists…

Dataharvest EIJC is a networking conference
Networking is paramount for journalists in Europe. At Dataharvest EICJ we make room for networking and further it actively: presentations are followed by smaller workshops to make contacts, networking methods are taught and rooms are reserved for teams who want to sit down to make research plans.

Dataharvest EIJC is a classic conference
The finest speakers from successful and important journalistic projects and newsrooms give presentations, head workshops and share their experiences.

Dataharvest EIJC was first organised in 2011, when some 30 journalists gathered in Brussels to exchange best practices and story ideas.

The number of participants increased every year. From 35 founding particpants in 2011, over nearly a hundred in 2012, 150 in 2013, 200 in 2014 and 270 in 2015, to 320 from 41 countries for the 2016 edition.

You can read information and wraps of all previous conferences here

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