IDEI 2017: Join us in saying ‘NO!’ to impunity

It’s that time of year again. 2 November is approaching and with it comes the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists.

Threats and attacks of various forms continue against journalists and the media community worldwide, and impunity continues to be the norm in the majority of cases. However, IFEX network-wide No Impunity Campaign is unwavering.

This year IFEX is marking 2 November by profiling our emblematic cases in new focus countries, Bahrain (profile forthcoming) and Cambodia, as well as existing cases in ColombiaPakistan and the Gambia.

IFEX will also be using the opportunity to highlight UNESCO’s World Trends in Free Expression and Media Development report, which contains the 2017 data on journalist killings condemned by the Director-General and the status of judicial investigations, as provided by States.

IFEX members around the globe also use the occasion to bolster their own fight against impunity with campaigns, workshops, press conferences and other events.

Below you will find a number of messages and materials that can be used to complement your existing plans or on their own!

When promoting IFEX materials you are encouraged to use the hashtag #NoImpunity or join UNESCO’s social media campaign under #EndImpunity #JournoSafe.

Thank you to everyone for your participation!
IFEX 2017 IDEI Promotional Materials 

Stories in the Fight against Impunity
IFEX  Story Map shows the faces and places of those who have been impacted by impunity.

Twitter Action
Add your voice on Twitter with these messages of solidarity:
– Threats & violence keep journalists from telling stories we all need to hear. Let’s protect their voices: #NoImpunity. #EndImpunity
– Murdered journalists endure the ultimate form of censorship. Let’s make sure there is #NoImpunity for their killers. #EndImpunity

Explainers: The UNESCO Director-General’s Report and the UN Plan of Action
Share the explainers to raise awareness about these important tools in the fight against impunity and how they can benefit civil society groups
What you need to know about UNESCO’s report on journalists’ safety and impunity
What is the UN Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity?

Promotional Materials 
For other print-ready campaign materials such as t-shirts and buttons, as well as our No Impunity animated GIF, please visit ‘Spread the Word’ page here.

Please note that UNESCO has invited IFEX to share information about its members’ events to promote on their dedicated IDEI webpage. IFEX encourages you to let them know what you have planned and they will be happy to pass this information on, if it is helpful.