Turkey: Legal Action Taken Against 242 Social Media Users in 1 Week

Ministry of Interior has investigated 454 social media accounts and taken legal action against 242 people on charges of “insulting state officials” and “targeting the indivisible integrity of the state” in one week.

Ankara – BIA News Desk ~ 02 April 2018, Monday 16:44

The Ministry of Interior announced the results of an investigation that it has conducted on social media in the last week.

In a statement published on the official website of the ministry today (April 2), it was stated that between March 26 and April 2, legal action has been taken against 242 social media users.

The related part of the statement is as follows:

“An investigation has been conducted into 454 social media accounts which have propagandized and praised a terrorist organization, openly declared that they are in relation with terrorist organizations, incited the public to enmity and hatred, insulted the state officials, targeted the indivisible integrity of the state and the life safety of people and engaged in hate speech. A legal action has been initiated against 242 people who have been identified.”

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The Ministry of Interior previously announced that 845 people who criticized the Afrin operation on social media and participated in critical activities had been taken into custody. (AS/SD)

The article was republished from Bianet with permission.