Emergency Fund for Freelance Journalists in Eastern and Southern Europe

Agora Europe Journalism Grants 2020 is an opportunity for journalists from Eastern and Southern Europe.

Application deadline: 23:00 (Central European Time), 22 June 2020

The Agora Europe Journalism Grants Program will consist of two parts:

Part I – Emergency Support Funding for Individual Journalists
Twenty (20) journalists will be chosen from the pool of applicants. Each journalist will receive €500 in direct support funding. This funding may be used by the recipient as they see fit (rent, living expenses, food, etc.). In return, they agree to participate in Part II of the Grants Program.

Part II – Agora Europe Reporting Project Funds
A second pool of €3000 in funding will be available to split among 5-10 projects. Following an online kick-off meeting, journalists will be grouped into teams based on their proposed project topics. Journalists will work together within these teams to produce collaborative journalism stories.

The reporting process will be complimented with digital capacity-building activities, mentoring and opportunities to connect with publishers through Agora network.

Participants will be expected to publish their stories locally and/or regionally.

All information is available on the Agora 2020 website.