About Us

What is SEENPM?

The South East European Network for Profession­alization of Media (SEENPM)is a network of 19 media centres and institutes across 13 countries of Central and South Eastern Europe.

SEENPM promotes excellence in journalism through policy initiatives, research and training. It aims to protect and defend freedom of the press, support the development of independent media and journalism professional standards, and strengthen relations among journalists.

Since its establishment in February 2000, SEENPM has conducted a wide range of media research and analysis projects often followed by advocacy initiatives. In addition, the network and its members have provided training and reporting opportunities to numerous media professionals.

Our Vision

SEENPM´s Vision is that of a Central and Southeast Europe where free, independent and professional media strengthens freedom of expression as a cornerstone of democracy in a united and diverse Europe.

We believe that societies that fail to respect freedom of expression as a fundamental right and robust journalism as a key component of democratic processes are bound to lose out on social, political, cultural and economic development.

Our Mission

  • To help improve the skills of media professionals
  • To embed media freedom and independence in the public and policy-making agenda through advocacy based on credible media monitoring, research and analysis
  • To influence journalism education curricula
  • To strengthen the capacity of media professionals to defend and protect their professional autonomy and labour rights
  • To promote media self-regulation, editorial independence and ethical conduct
  • To improve media legislation and other laws affecting media
  • To monitor the implementation of access to information and media legislation
  • To promote policies that safeguard media independence
  • To promote the right to Freedom of Expression
  • To support initiatives on media and information literacy and help create spaces for dialogue between the public and the media
  • To cooperate with international organizations in advancing media issues in the region

SEENPM’s Objectives

SEENPM focuses on:

  • Safeguarding of the right to freedom of expression, in its multi-faceted manifestations and the development of an environment where freedom of expression is recognized as a basic human right.
  • Promoting digital rights, a field where technological advances are rapid and the risk of disparities in access to and the use of new media is high.
  • Addressing media and information literacy, as large segments of the population in the region have only limited capacity to access and critically interpret media content and articulate demands for quality and accountable media.
  • Supporting media accountability and professionalism, including through media educationandlabour rights, with a view to enabling the media to fulfil its public service role.
  • Strengthening its advocacy work to emerging as a strong regional voice in support of media integrity, which in SEENPM’s view should not be just a matter of professional interest for journalists, but an issue in which whole societies and the international community have a stake.

SEENPM is a member of IFEX and the Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD).