Albanian Media Institute (Tirana, Albania)

The key mission of the Albanian Media Institute (AMI), established in 1995, is to provide assistance to the media in Albania in order to upgrade their professional level. Among AMI’s priorities is the development and intensification of connections between Albanian journalists and other journalists from the region.

AMI carries out its mission by implementing the following activities:

  • Providing training courses (in the country as well as abroad) for Albanian journalists;
  • Organizing round tables, seminars and debates on the freedom of speech, access to information, role of the media in democracy and other issues;
  • Supporting initiatives and projects coming from Albanian media organizations;
  • Initiating and conducting research on the Albanian media development;
  • Monitoring the Albanian media;
  • Supporting and initiating publications (books, journalism manuals and magazines);
  • Engaging in initiatives regarding media legislation and policies and in public debates on their effect and implementation;
  • Collaborating with regional and international partners on implementing joint projects.