IPS Communication Foundation / bianet.org (Istanbul, Turkey)

The vision of the IPS Communication Foundation / Independent Communication Foundation (BIA), founded in 1993, is that of free, critical and pluralistic media in Turkey that respect people’s differences and uphold their rights.

The unique contribution of IPS to the realization of its vision with its expertise and strengths is to ensure that the voices of the ignored and silenced are increasingly heard in the public debate. IPS does this by providing unbiased, inclusive and actionable news reporting, as well as by experience and knowledge sharing.

IPS focuses its work on three areas that it considers indivisible for the achievement of its objectives:

  • The Editorial Desk of the website Bianet.org works towards becoming an example of independent news channel, acting as an open space for sharing and producing reliable and non-biased news on human rights.
  • Freedom of Expression – IPS/BIA monitors and publishes news and reports on the developments regarding freedom of expression and press freedom, particularly violations and the struggle in this domain. IPS/BIA prepares quarterly monitoring reports that act as a database and lobbying material for the movement advocating freedom of expression rights locally (in the challenging and restrictive legal and de facto situation) and globally.
  • Training and Capacity Building – IPS/BIA provides training programs and resource materials for the promotion of independent and rights-based journalism. Training is delivered to working journalists and fresh graduates of communication faculties. Also, IPS/BIA publishes books and other resources that provide information about rights-based journalism, available in the BIA online library .

Web: www.bianet.org/english