Call for journalists from Europe: European collaborative journalism programme

Photo: ECJP

Journalists from all over Europe can apply for European collaborative journalism programme by 6 Dec 2022.

The programme by Toepfer Foundation and Arena for Journalism in Europe is developed for freelancers as well as staffers from all media. It is suited for juniors as well as mid-career journalists, who either already have first experiences with collaborative journalism or who firmly intend to work in this field.

The programme consists of two parts:

28 March – 1 April 2023, Meeting at the seminar centre Gut Siggen at the Baltic sea to: get familiar with each other, receive input from experts, intensively discuss and elaborate story ideas, exchange on journalistic practice.

1 – 4 June 2023, Meeting at the EIJC & Dataharvest conference in Mechelen to: attend a huge variety of workshops, lectures, panels, connect with colleagues from other countries, follow up on investigations started at Gut Siggen, strengthen network ties with other fellows.

Participants are asked to bring a story idea to the first meeting on which they would like to collaborate with other fellows in the course of the programme (and beyond).

ECJP topics so far have mainly been from the following areas:

  • Sustainability: food, climate, use of resources
  • Social & Human rights: migration, exploitation, organised crime
  • Governance: corruption, extremism, disinformation

More info about the programme and application process can be found here: