Hate Speech in Online Media in South East Europe

The book “Hate speech in online media in South East Europe”, published by the Albanian Media Institute in 2014, contains seven country reports on hate speech in online media in the region.

The country reports aim to identify the main trends and violations of hate speech in online media in Western Balkan countries and in Turkey. Reports combine direct content monitoring of online media with previous research, monitoring, and studies.

The reports also provide overviews of relevant legislation in the realm of hate speech.

The practice of media initiatives to self-regulate is also described against the general background of self-regulation process in each country.

The book also features an analysis of the legal concept of hate speech and balance of rights, produced by Article 19, along with respective relevant court cases.

The publication was produced in the framework of the UNESCO project “Media accountability in South East Europe,” supported by EU, while the publishing of this book has also been supported by OSFA.

The book is available in English on the website of the Albanian Media Institute and here on the SEENPM website.