Kosovo Media Institute (Pristina, Kosovo*)

Kosovo Media Institute (KMI)  is a not-for-profit and non-governmental organization, envisioned as a training and media advocacy center for the media sector in Kosovo*.

It was established at the request of Kosovo’s* media outlets to be serving their needs.

Instrumental in bringing about the KMI was OSCE which provided needed equipment and for a certain period supported KMI’s operational costs.

KMI objectives are :

  • To enhance professional skills of journalists in Kosovo*
  • To enhance professional skills of media professionals in Kosovo*
  • To support development of independent, free and pluralistic media in Kosovo*
  • To develop strong relationship between journalists and media professionals in Kosovo* and those abroad, especially in the region of South East Europe
  • To organize and implement PR and other activities for interested organizations thus increasing its revenues in order to become more self-sustained

KMI offers:

  • Pre-career journalism diploma course
  • Mid-career journalism course
  • Tailor-made courses
  • Air time of local radio stations to media buyers
  • PR services
  • Rental of training premises fully equipped with training and media related equipment