Media and Reform Center Nis (Nis, Serbia)

Media and Reform Center Niš (MIRC) was established in 2005 as a non-profit and non-partisan organization primarily focused on the City of Niš and the region of South Serbia.

To achieve its vision – developed democratic society through active participation of citizens in decision-making processes – MIRC strengthens the capacities of journalists and media, provides support for the work and visibility of civil society organizations, and cooperates with local authorities and business sector.

In its work MIRC stands for:

  • freedom of speech and thoughts;
  • promoting the rights of minorities;
  • tolerance of different groups in society;
  • promoting the values of open and democratic society;
  • promotion of EU values in Serbia and the meaning of EU integration process.

The main activities of MIRC are:

  • planning and organizing various public events;
  • conducting researches and analyzes of media environment and media content;
  • TV production;
  • professional training for media and civil society organizations.