National regulatory and self-regulatory framework against hate speech and disinformation in Montenegro

This factsheet aims to analyze the national regulatory and self-regulatory framework against disinformation and hate speech in Montenegro. Based on this review, recommendations were made to the competent institutions, regulators, self-regulatory bodies, the civil sector, and the media so that they could contribute to the prevention of the spread of disinformation and hate speech through joint activities.

The issue of curbing disinformation is not explicitly mentioned in the Code of Journalists of Montenegro. However, the basic principles of the journalistic profession are embodied in the guidelines that journalists are expected to follow in order to avoid publishing inaccurate information (supplementing incomplete and checking inaccurate information).

In contrast, the issue of hate speech has been explicitly addressed in the guidelines accompanying Principle 4, which state that the media outlet must not publish material that could contribute to the spread of hostility and hatred and that it must take special precaution not to contribute to the spread of hatred when reporting on events or occurrences that contain elements of hatred.

The new Law on Media stipulates that the media outlets can establish a joint external self-regulatory body but also that each media outlet is entitled to establish an internal self-regulatory body and that the operating costs of various self-regulatory mechanisms shall be financed from the state budget. The law stipulates that a request for financing may be submitted by a self-regulatory body established at least three years prior to the submission of such request.

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