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Novi Sad School of Journalism (Novi Sad, Serbia)

Novi Sad School of Journalism (NSSJ) is a civil society organization, founded in 1996, dedicated to the development and professionalization of the media scene in Serbia and the region.

Project activities are organized in three program areas:

  • Improving and strengthening the media sphere,
  • Improving the development of media and information literacy,
  • Encouraging multiculturalism and tolerance.

Target group of NSSJ activities are mostly teachers, pupils, students, journalists, NGO representatives, youth, media activists and experts.

Since its founding, the NSSJ has been carrying out different types of professional trainings in the field of journalism and media literacy. They were among the first organizations in Serbia, which began implementing the media literacy seminar for teachers, accredited by the Institute for Advancement of Education and Upbringing, Republic of Serbia. This program aims to educate teachers to apply mass media content in the classroom and within extracurricular activities (school media), as well as to advance their skills of critical analysis of media content. By 2022, more than 1.300 teachers were educated about media literacy, as well as more than 700 pupils, and more than 350 journalists and journalism students.

NSSJ has many years of experience in monitoring and content analysis of all types of media. The majority of the monitoring results were published in printed or electronic publications, and presented at scientific and expert conferences. Besides research, by 2022 NSSJ published more than 30 teaching materials or guidelines for implementation of media literacy in schools.

In 2017 NSSJ launched a new platform Fake News Tragač (Fake News Tracer) which is dedicated to deconstruction of fake and manipulative information in Serbian media.

In 2013 the NSSJ won the ERSTE Foundation special jury award for Social Integration for a project entitled ‘A Day in your shoes’ focused at media reporting for and about people with disabilities.

Web: https://novinarska-skola.org.rs/