Regional factsheet: Media self-regulation in the WB and Turkey

Examples, challenges and recommendations

In this regional overview (factsheet) author Nedim Sejdinović summarized findings of the country research reports on media self-regulation, produced by the country researchers in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey, within within the project “Our Media: A civil society action to generate media literacy and activism, counter polarisation and promote dialogue”.

Research on the situation and problems of media self-regulation in the Western Balkan countries and Turkey leads unequivocally to the conclusion that self-regulation can significantly improve the media and the media system only in countries where there is already a relatively high and stable level of media freedom and, in general, public accountability.

Media self-regulation in the region has proven to be suitable for improving the field of public information, but it is powerless to bring it closer to the public interest on its own. Self-regulatory mechanisms in the region generally did not arise from the internal needs of the profession and society, but were most often formed with the initiative, support, and some sort of mentorship of international organizations.

Despite some shortcomings and room for improvement, in all the observed countries there are relatively good self-regulatory acts, similar to those in countries with a rich democratic tradition, as well as numerous self-regulatory mechanisms. Nevertheless, unfortunately, it cannot be concluded that they achieve the main goal to a greater extent – which is to improve the quality of the media offer.

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