Reporting Neighbours in Balkan Media

This book, published in English by the Albanian Media Institute in 2015, contains six monitoring papers on how we report on neighbours, drafted by media experts from Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The reports focus on analyzing the coverage of neighbouring countries in the mainstream media in each country. Direct monitoring of specific media or case studies was provided to illustrate the trends.

The aim of the report was to provide an overview of the main trends in reporting neighbours in the media, making use of representative case studies in order to analyze the trends that the media follow.

Along with the main trends, the papers aim to identify violations and stereotypes in reporting on neighbours. They also describe measures undertaken by media or other authorities/organizations to address the situation, their efficacy, and their balance regarding freedom of expression.

Read this publication in English on the Albanian Media Institute website or on the SEENPM website.