RESEARCH: Hate Narratives in Online Media and Communication in Kosovo

As a continuation of the research on hate and propaganda models of media and communication already implemented in the Resilience project, this report highlights some examples of hate narratives in online media outlets and social media in Kosovo, focusing mainly on three target groups – migrants, political opponents and journalists, but also highlighting the practice of targeting of women and practices in ethnic reporting.

Hate narratives on migration and migrants are reflecting sentiments of an increased right-wing agenda globally but possibly in Kosovo as well, while targeting political opponents with hate narratives serves for political gain in Kosovo. Anti-journalist narratives and hate against journalists is a growing concern both for the safety and security of journalists. The approach, especially by those in power, to the work and role of political opponents and journalists remains a concern as it provides opportunities to create a threatening and hateful atmosphere towards these target groups. It especially raises concern when this happens in the media with great impact on public opinion and public debate, such as online media and social media used by a large part of the population, as well as in traditional public media in the country which also disseminate their own content online, and have a particular responsibility for serving the public interest, contributing to social cohesion and preventing hatred.

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This publication was produced within  Resilience: Civil Society for Media Free of Hate and Disinformation, a regional project financially supported by the European Union and implemented in the Western Balkans and Turkey by a consortium of media development organizations led by SEENPM. It is part of a series of publications on the same general topic focused on hate narratives researched in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey (all publications are available on the SEENPM website).

Earlier research within the same project tackled models of hate, disinformation and propaganda and their political and economic foundations. The resulting publications are available on the SEENPM website.

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