Romanian NGOs threatened by a bill promoted by the ruling coalition

Romanian Parliament (Photo: Flickr)

More than 70 non-governmental organizations from all over Romania reunited and addressed an open letter to the PSD leadership, the party with the highest weight in the Parliament and in the Governing coalition, demanding to communicate clearly and assume a transparent position in relation to amendments on Ordinance 26/2000, tacitly adopted in the Romanian Senate on November 21, due to a sudden lack of quorum.

The main concern is that under the new circumstances NGOs shall publish twice a year in the Official Gazette a statement of incomes and expenditures, that includes  each and every person/entity that have supported the organization. The sanction of not publishing this statement is the immediate dissolution of the association or foundation.

Equally concerning is the limitation of the freedom of expression of public utility organizations, whose statute shall be revoked should the association/foundation engage in political activities.

The bill has to be adopted by the lower Chamber of the Parliament, which is scheduled for this week.

Download the text of the letter in English