Workshop: Mastering Engagement with Hard-to-Reach Audiences in Polarised Societies

SEENPM and Transitions invite journalists, fact-checkers and media professionals from the Western Balkans to participate in online workshop “Bridging Divides: Mastering Engagement with Hard-to-Reach Audiences in Polarised Societies” on June 1, at 4 PM (CET).

In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn from two professionals:

Zoltán Sipos, the founder of Átlátszó Erdély, will share his insights on building trust and connecting with hard-to-reach audiences. His experiences in working with one of the most conservative communities in Europe provide a unique perspective on navigating complex societal landscapes.

Anneleen Ophoff, editor-in-chief of Are We Europe, will introduce the potent “Complicating the Narratives” methodology. This tool provides a fresh approach to reporting in polarised societies, allowing for more nuanced and effective communication.

This online event serves as an introduction to an offline event where media practitioners will delve deeper into these topics through a hands-on training. Participants’ feedback and ideas from this session will help shape the offline event to meet needs and interests of media professionals.

Register here.

The event is co-hosted by Montenegro Media Institute, Albanian Media Institute, BIRN Kosovo, Mediacentar Sarajevo, Macedonian Institute for Media and Novi Sad School of Journalism.