AMI Screened Documentary Film “The Agreement”

Documentary “The agreement” was screened on February 3, 2016 in Tirana by the Albanian Media Institute, a SEENPM member, in cooperation with Frontline Club, for an audience of students, academics, and civil society representatives.

The documentary focuses on the difficult process of negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia, with EU mediation. In 2011, representatives from Serbia and Kosovo met for the first time since Kosovo declared independence in 2008. The chief European Union negotiator, Robert Cooper, allowed cameras to record the action. The documentary shows those delicate talks. The film documents the follies and frustrations that the talks entail and how the three main representatives in negotiations work to try and get consensus despite the unpopular nature of the talks back in their home countries. National pride and compromise are the keywords, while stakes are particularly high. The movie is about an important historical moment, delving deep into a political process, but without losing track of the quirk details of the protagonists.