Media Integrity Matters: Monitoring the Implementation of New Media Legislation In Serbia – Media Privatization

In the course of 2015 Novi Sad School of Journalism, a SEENPM member, followed the process of ownership transformation of Serbian media, especially the media in the languages of national minorities.
Results are presented in the publication on media privatization that contains four reports:

  • „Limitations of the freedom of expression in Vojvodina`s national communities“ (Miroslav Keveždi) provides a review of the general theoretical standpoint on the limits of freedom of expression which we find today to be applicable to freedom of expression within Vojvodina’s national communities.
  • „Privatisation of minority language media in Serbia: Liberation or disappearance?“ (Jovanka Matić and Dubravka Valić Nedeljković) examines the challenges of the mandatory privatization of media and other provisions of the new Law on Public Information and Media bring to the system of dissemination of information for national minorities in their native languages. It also offers recommendations that could provide viable solutions to financially sustainable, independent and quality minority media outlets.
  • „Privatization of minority media – Opportunity or threat? – Diachronic and synchronic perspective“ (Dubravka Valić Nedeljković) provides a critical analysis of the impact of previous privatization process (2002-2007), and public debate on the second privatization round.
  • „Privatization of multilingual media in Serbia in 2015: Failed expectations“ (Stefan Janjić) provides an overview of the privatizations outcomes and indicates potential areas of abuse in maintaining program continuity of the local media reporting on minority languages.”

The publication was produced within the project South East European Media Observatory.

Download the publication in SerbianSEE_Media_Observatory_360_200

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