Moldova: Study Recommends Ample Changes to Media Laws

The study entitled ‘Evaluation of the Regulatory and Self-Regulatory Legal Framework for Mass Media Activity in the Republic of Moldova‘, drafted by the Independent Journalism Center (IJC), a SEENPM member, and launched in April 2018 in Chisinau, recommends the repeal of the Press Law and of the Law on Countering Extremist Activity, as well as the review of other laws, such as the laws on the freedom of expression, protection of personal data, advertising and access to information.

The authors of the study – experts Tatiana Puiu and Olga Gututui, provided an appropriate rationale in this regard, on the basis of relevant reports, statistics and official documents.

This study represents an assessment of the country’s media laws, as well as of other documents, contributing to the self-regulation of journalism, and an x-ray of the domestic legal framework in relation to European standards and good practices.

At the same time, the experts analysed the mechanisms meant to ensure and protect the media activity and transparency in this field.

The report shows the areas where measures need to be taken to improve the situation for the benefit of journalists, citizens and society in general.

Finally, there are specific recommendations on some new feasible mechanisms which could significantly improve the situation in the field, including of the online media.

Read the study in English

Read the study in Romanian 

The study was developed in the framework of the ‘Media Enabling Democracy, Inclusion and Accountability in Moldova’ (MEDIA-M) Project, carried out by IJC and Internews, and funded by USAID.

The article is a contribution by the Independent Journalism Center in Chisinau, Moldova, a SEENPM member organization.