Monitoring Report on Primetime Television News in South East Europe launched in ten countries

September 27, 2007. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina — “Indicator of Public Interest: TV Primetime Domestic News – Monitoring and analysis of TV news in ten SEENPM countries” – is the title of the report which was released simultaneously in ten capitals of SEENPM members on September 27, on the eve of the International Right to Know Day.

The research was conducted by the Media Plan Institute, Sarajevo as a SEENPM project in partnership with the following institutions: the Albanian Media Institute, Tirana; the Center for Independent Journalism, Budapest; the Center for Independent Journalism, Bucharest; the Independent Journalism Center, Chisinau; the International Center for Education of Journalists, Opatija; The Macedonian Institute for Media, Skopje; the Media Development Center, Sofia; the Montenegro Media Institute, Podgorica; and the Novi Sad School of Journalism.

A book and a CD with the monitoring report has been published, and the research is available online.

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