SEENPM registered as an association in Tirana

Decision to register SEENPM with the Court in Tirana was made in December 2006 at the SEENPM General Assembly meeting in Opatia, Croatia

August 15, 2007 — The Tirana Judicial District Court registered the South East European Network for Professionalization of Media (SEENPM) as an association based in Albania on July 18, 2007. Previously, for seven years SEENPM had been functioning as a loose network of non-for-profit media training and research centers. The main goal of the organization is to raise professional standards in journalism, promote independent media and contribute to mutual understanding in South East Europe.

The main decision-making body of the network, the General Assembly, had decided to register the network as an association last December in order the strengthen the organizational structure of SEENPM. According to the then adopted statute the rotating presidency of the network was replaced by a permanent office consisting of an executive director and a financial officer, responsible for project coordination and fundraising.

In 2007, SEENPM implemented eight research, advocacy and training projects in the fields of media self-regulation, transparency of ownership, EU media standards, reporting on environment, public service broadcasting, television news programming, and labor relations in media. The activities are supported the Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Open Society Foundation’s Network Media Program.

SEENPM unites the following members:

– ACCESS – Sofia Foundation, Bulgaria
– Albanian Media Institute, Tirana, Albania
– Center for Independent Journalism, Bucharest, Romania
– Center for Independent Journalism, Budapest, Hungary
– Independent Journalism Center, Chisinau, Moldova
– International Center for Education of Journalists, Opatija, Croatia
– Macedonian Institute for Media, Skopje, Macedonia
– Media Center, Belgrade, Serbia
– Media Center Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
– Media Development Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
– Media Plan Institute, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
– Montenegro Media Institute, Podgorica, Montenegro
– Media Center Nis, Serbia
– Novi Sad School of Journalism, Serbia
– Peace Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia