Submit Nominations for Rory Peck Awards by 10 August 2020

Established in 1995, the Rory Peck Awards aim to give freelance journalists the ​​recognition they deserve, rewarding the most outstanding work​ produced each year and highlighting the significant contribution by freelancers to the international media industry.

Each year the Rory Peck Awards honor the most outstanding work produced by freelance journalists and filmmakers working worldwide.

The Awards are free to enter for all and this year’s deadline for submissions is Monday 10th August 2020, 11.59pm BST. 


  • Only work by freelance journalists or filmmakers is eligible for entry. For the purposes of the Rory Peck Awards, the term “freelance” is defined as someone who gathers and generates stories, images and footage for professional broadcast and online news and current affairs platforms. He/she will not have a permanent or rolling contract or salary but may be on a retainer with one or more organisation(s), work to commission or be paid by the piece. This can include those who, at times, may be required to supplement their income by other means.
  • Entries must have been first broadcast between 1 June 2019 and 31 July 2020 inclusive.
  • All entries must be submitted and titled as first broadcast.
  • All entries must have been broadcast or published by a recognised television channel, broadcaster, news agency, VOD/streaming platform or online news platform.
  • Re-versions of previously submitted entries will not be accepted.
  • You cannot submit the same entry into more than one category.
  • We particularly welcome self-funded work and entries from freelancers living and working in regions where it may be difficult to operate.


  • News Award, sponsored by Google
    This Award recognises the work of freelance journalists in the video coverage of a news event where the focus is on the immediacy of the story.
    Duration: up to a maximum of 10 minutes
    *Broadcast news packages & agency feeds are accepted in this category. Portfolio submissions & camera rushes are not.
  • News Features Award
    This Award recognises the work of freelance journalists in video news features that take a more in-depth look at a story, beyond the immediacy of the news.
    Duration: up to a maximum of 30 minutes
  • Sony Impact Award for Current Affairs
    This Award recognises the work of freelance journalists working in long-form current affairs video/film that examines a single issue, story or situation and has an impact on the viewer, policy or public awareness.
    Duration: up to a maximum of 60 minutes
  • Martin Adler Prize
    The Martin Adler Prize honours a local freelance journalist or field producer working in any medium whose work with international media outlets has made a significant contribution to newsgathering, either through a single story or body of work. The aim of the prize is to highlight the dedication and talent of local freelancers who often work under challenging and difficult circumstances within their own country, and who go largely unrecognised.

The Martin Adler Prize is a unique chance to give global recognition to someone you have commissioned, admired, worked with or relied upon whose work has made a significant contribution to newsgathering. You may NOT nominate or enter yourself for this category.

All information and guidelines for applying at the Rory Peck Awards web pages.