Video recordings from Prague Media Point 2020

Video recordings from Prague Media Point 2020 are now available!  

Rewatch the packed program of the last year’s conference to catch up with What’s Working in the world of journalism and media. 

Prague Media Point, a virtual conference for journalists, media professionals, and scholars took place in December 2020 under the theme “What’s Working”. It showcased success stories in the media industry – so important amid all the normal doom and gloom in the profession and society at large.

Follow the link to the Audience Engagement segment: discussions about crowdfunding, revenue models, and involvement of your audience in your processes. 

The Investigative Journalism program showcased investigations of international organized crime, disinformation in Poland, Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda, and more. 

The COVID-19 segment showed how community journalists were affected, and how the pandemic became a catalyst for innovation in many media outlets. 

The Diversity segment featured sessions on reporting on LGBTQI+ communities in Central and Eastern Europe, feminist satire, and reimagining political debate through listening.  

Enjoy browsing through all the available sessions.