Romania – Journalism in 2021: an obstacle course with fewer and fewer winners (report)

What obstacles does truth have to dodge before coming out into the world? What stands between us, the readers, and the unaltered essence of a piece of news? Which are the challenges that journalists have to overcome in their daily work, in order to make sure that we are eventually faced with an accurate mirror of the world we are living in?

In an attempt to answer all these questions, The Center for Independent Journalism in Romania, supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, released a new report on the state of the press in Romania, revealing the true price of the profession, but also the cost society has to pay when lacking credible sources of information.

From the silence of the interviewed sources, too afraid to talk about what they know, to the lack of transparency of the public institutions and even to politicians who sue journalists simply because they publish the “inconvenient truth”, the reality of working as a journalist in Romania, 2021, may at times feel like it’s pulled out of a movie script. And the past year and a half has shown us the danger that lays in the silence of the “official sources”, but also the whirlwind of misinformation created when opinions are “sold” as news.

Read the report “Journalism in 2021: an obstacle course with fewer and fewer winners”