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Reporting Crisis in South East Europe: Case Studies in Six SEE Countries (Report Series)

The general weakness of the media sector in South East Europe manifests itself to the full during socio-political crises. Aggravated by underdeveloped economies, an...
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New “red line”: Law against freedom of expression in Republika Srpska

On 2 March, the government of Bosnia's entity Republika Srpska (RS) adopted a Draft Law on Amendments to the Criminal Code of...

Fighting a Flood of Disinformation in the Western Balkans

To reduce the impact of disinformation, civil society organizations across the region work to strengthen media literacy among old and young.

Regional documentaries on media and journalism you must watch: What makes a good documentary?

Film theoretician Bill Nichols wrote of six types of documentaries—poetic, expository, reflexive, observational, performative, and participatory—each with distinctive characteristics. It is about...