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Media Constrained by Context: New Book

This book by CEU Press compares the results of twenty years of international media assistance in the five countries of the western Balkans. It...
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Crowdfunding for cross-border, collaborative journalism projects – Apply by 31 October

“Enhancing Audience-Supported Collaborations for Empowered Media and Societies,” co-funded by the European Commission, aims to support independent journalism by facilitating collaboration between...

RESEARCH: Hate and Propaganda in Kosovo Media

This research aims to create a better understanding of disinformation and hateful propaganda models of media and communication in Kosovo’s media landscape.

RESEARCH: Hate Speech, Propaganda and Disinformation in Albanian Media

The purpose of this paper is to highlight the main models and elements that media in Albania manifest regarding hate speech, propaganda and disinformation...

RESEARCH: Hate and Propaganda in Turkish Media – Affiliations, Models and Patterns

This report shows the political and economic affiliations of hate, disinformation, and propaganda media and their patterns in Turkey during the AKP’s rule. It...